The Net Worth Snowball Hasn’t Melted 2

Greetings all, I just wanted to provide an update on my life and financial happenings; In case you were nervous by my long hiatus of activity, I didn’t invest my burgeoning net worth wealth on a fleet of Tesla Supercars, on a McMansion in the burbs, or drop it at the tables in Vegas. No, my net worth snowball has not melted.

I have been inactive in posting due to a variety of circumstances. I was relocated for work to a challenging position that has required me to work a minimum of 60 hours per week with a steady diet of 12 hour days. I have also spent significant time travelling back to my previous home to maintain my relationship with my girlfriend, family, and friends. I realize this situation is not sustainable long-term, but I’ve been making do in the meantime. Additionally, my old laptop from college finally fried and I have been without a computer aside from my work laptop to blog regularly.

These challenges aside, I still remain focused on documenting my financial progress. Going forward, I will resume my posting as my committment to frugality and achieving financial independence is unwavering. Just a couple tidbits from my financial life that I will elaborate further in future posts;  since I went on a writign hiatus:

  • My 2013 spending was an all-time low (over 25% less than last year!)
  • My 2013 income was an all-time high (surpassing last year’s total by 17%)
  • My 2013 net worth grew nearly $100,000, a number far greater than my net income and savings which is a true testament to the power of compounding of one’s net worth snowball
  • My net worth is approaching the next six-figure milestone ($400,000). Based on my current spending levels, I’m approaching the 90% milestone to FI as measured by the 4% rule with much more time ahead for savings, investments, and snowballing prior to my 30th birthday!

Cheers to all and I look forward to resuming my updates and conversations with you all.


2 thoughts on “The Net Worth Snowball Hasn’t Melted

  1. Reply Mr. 1500 Mar 25, 2014 4:55 am

    Glad to see you didn’t toss in the towel! Nice work in 2013 too.

    • Reply Net Worth Snowballa May 12, 2014 10:53 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Mr. 1500!

      I feel like I have no excuses to not be blogging when you’re still churning out great content amidst your career, family duties, and major renovation on the new house project. Not to mention managing your skyrocketing net worth!

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